To explain what has led me to work mainly with vegetable leaves, I have to talk about the context in which inspiration and personal crisis allied to become a tool that allows me to reflect our relationship with Nature and with ourselves. In this process I find two main exploration pathways while dealing with a leaf, as a symbol of natural environment, and as a reflection of our own duality. 

On the one hand, the leaf is an important element in Nature and I find it an ideal medium to express my creative ideas. On the other hand, for me this element represents one of our primary dualities: light and shadow. A leaf is usually a layer where one side looks towards the light and the other is hidden in the shadow. According to analytical psychology the human shadow is that part of the being where we hide what we do not like about us, and it is precisely in this field that I reflect and try to find out the reasons behind our fears and suffering.

Lorenzo M. Duran