Thanks for being here! In this space I am going to explain the project One Leaf, One Tree and I invite you to participate in it, to get in touch if you have any questions, and to share it with your friends, relatives, acquaintances, etc. so that together we can be part of the solution, not part of the problem.


This particular project arises from a personal need to take my work beyond the artistic field –either aesthetically or conceptually speaking–. How could I connect art with nature? Those who have been following me for years, will know that this is something I have insisted on since I published my Leaf Cutting artwork for the first time, moment in which my artistic project appeared precisely named as Naturayarte (an invented word out of: nature and art). Well, some years after those first steps, I have established an alliance with Plant-for-the-Planet to give shape to my former intention.


This project is also the result of another alliance that has been of vital importance to me: my family.


On one hand Dayli –my main collaborator and wife– after having made some leaf cutouts before, has developed and cut a couple of designs for this project.



One tree, which will be planted by Plant-for-the-Planet for the acquisition of each of these original artworks created exclusively for the project.


The funds raised throughout the project will not only help reforestation, but also the empowerment of children and young people, as well as other environmental / social causes that may be incorporated into the project.


You will provide an important piece to the "Tree of names", a dynamic sculpture that will be made at the end of each stage of the project (more info here).



Original handmade artwork, with the design you choose from those created exclusively for this project.


1 tree planting certificate, with your name, issued by Plant-for-the-Planet


And for each of the first 500 artworks sold:


Gift of 1 small leaf with a name of your choice (see example here), mentioning (on the back) your contribution to the project.


Your name (and the one you choose for the gift leaf, if different) will be part of the "Tree of names".

How to participate

You will find all the information and available artworks either in the "Get involved" section or by clicking directly HERE



You may get in contact with me by any of the channels that appear in this page (header or form below).



Lorenzo M. Durán


Today I am excited to finally present you "One leaf, one tree", a project that takes into account both the planet and the client, offering exclusively affordable art for a good cause.


To provide forests with a healthier future, it is vitally important to educate future generations appropriately. Because it is the children of today who will be responsible for communicating and transmitting the environmental values they will have acquired until adulthood. Values that as members of civilization we have ignored so many times, focusing on growth at any price.

This communication gives better results if it begins at the grassroots level, from the main educational core: family. As a father myself, I know some of the challenges of education, and I have been raising my awareness on the different stages of my daughter's growth, stages in which both Dayli and I have tried to pass on her our love for nature.

Our daughter, who is now 12 years old, is already beginning to understand the ecosystems and is aware of the responsibility she has at hand, considering it of great importance to belong to that increasingly broad group of aware people around the world. The more persons we join in caring for our planet, the more welfare we will achieve in the short and long term.

In addition to what such natural element represents for its ecosystem, every time we plant a tree we give a little health back to the Earth, because with that simple act we help to reduce the excess greenhouse gases produced by ourselves. A tree absorbs these gases during its growth, proving to be a tremendously effective means against pollution. We, as a family, have chosen a path that is not without difficulties, but we’re walking through it full of enthusiasm and hope for having the opportunity of doing our bit in solutions like this one.

Here you have one more opportunity to take action and do something valuable for you, your loved ones and your descendants, because regardless of the magnitude of your collaboration, if you join this project you will be part of something bigger.

And another design has been entirely figured out and drawn by our daughter, who since childhood has had a very marked artistic vocation; hence it would be easy for us to count on her collaboration. She has taken the proposal with great enthusiasm and responsibility, which makes us especially excited because we consider it as a very appropriate way to get involved in her own future.


This explains the signature DP in the artworks, the initials of our last names –Duran and Prieto– refer to the participation of the 3 of us.

Planting Area on the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexiko

Copyright: Plant-for-the-Planet




And beside the satisfaction to collaborate with the health of our planet, your participation will be rewarded as described below.